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Blossom Word Game

Blossom Word Game is a daily 12-word game with required letters. Let's blossom with the longest answers and no time limit to get colorful pangrams!

What are pangrams? How to get high scores? All details will be provided in the next sections and the first one is Word Blossom.

Word Blossom

Word Blossom refers abbreviation for this puzzle game. Both these words represent outstanding features of this online game.

Play blossom word daily

In Blossom Word Game, players will have the opportunity to experience intellectual battles every day. Every day, the game will update unique matches for players to conquer. Once completed, you can choose to reset or play past games.

If you choose to reset, this puzzle game will still provide you with the previous challenges. In this case, you can find and create new answers to get more achievements. In contrast, if you choose past games, you can play the challenges of previous days. It is a great opportunity for participants to play missing days.

In order to track daily games, select Settings where you can choose reset or past games. Another option is the summary table after each match. At the bottom right, the list of daily games will be displayed with 3 modes: Continue, Replay, and Play. You can continue unfinished matches, replay completed matches, or start new blossom word game matches.

In addition to selecting games, the summary table also provides players with a lot of useful information such as Your Flowers, Current Streak, Pangrams, Average Score, and High Score. In particular, all words about that match are also provided. Players can check the found and unfound words to gain experience for the next playing time.

In conclusion, players can play this blossom-word game every day and have an unlimited number of playing times. It is similar to a word game with endless puzzles.

Games like Blossom Word Game

There are many similar games that also challenge players with word puzzles. Below, you can follow some outstanding examples.

  • Wordle is a word-guessing game where you need to find the target word through 6 tries. You can fill in any 5-letter word in the box to check. The filled words need to have meaning and they can be from any field. This feature is similar to Blossom Word Game because the words are not limited to any field. After checking, the game can return 3 results: green, yellow, and gray. Green represents correct letters while gray represents incorrect letters. In particular, yellow represents the correct letter but in the wrong position. Players can rely on these hints to figure out the target word.
  • Quordle is a similar word-guessing game to Wordle but you will be challenged with 4 playing boards at the same time. All players must find the 4 target words through 9 tries. The challenge of this puzzle game seems to be increased 4 times compared to the previous game. To complete this difficult challenge, you need a large vocabulary and high analytical ability to complete 4 playing boards at the same time.
  • Octordle is the most challenging game in the word-guessing game series with 8 playing boards and 8 target words. Can you find the 8 target words at the same time? To ensure the winning ability of the players, this Octordle game gives 13 attempts. Although the number of attempts is increased, the game's difficulty becomes more and more challenging.

Above, you can see some outstanding examples of similar games. Now, it's time to come back to our main game today with a section about the rules.

Blossom Word Game Rules

The gameplay of this blossom-word game is simple with 2 main principles in terms of word fill and score.

How to fill blossom words

On the main game's screen, all players see a flower with 6 petals and a center. To fill in a word, simply click on the petals and center or type on your keyboard. During the process of filling in words, you can delete them in the wrong cases. After that, press the Enter button to check. This Blossom Word Game game only accepts words that meet the principles below.

  • Words must use letters in the petals and center.
  • Your word must have 4 or more letters.
  • It is mandatory to include the letter in the center.
  • Letters can be used multiple times in the same word or in different words.
  • Words that are proper nouns, hyphenated words, or foul language will not be accepted.

Players only need to meet the above 5 requirements to enter a word. In addition to qualifying words, you also create special words including pangram and yellow-outline words.

  • Pangram is a 7-letter word in Blossom Word Game. Each game has at least 1 pangram.
  • There is a yellow-outlined petals which contain bonus letters. When you create a word with this letter, you form a yellow-outlined word, known as bonus word.

After entering, this online game will automatically calculate points based on the scoring regulations.

Score rules in Blossom Word Game

The scoring for players mainly depends on the used letters in each word. For example, 4-letter words will correspond to 2 points. Your score will increase with each letter and specifically as follows:

  • 5-letter word = 4 points
  • 6-letter word = 6 points
  • 7-letter word = 12 points

Each subsequent additional letter will correspond to 3 points. In addition, there are also some other cases to increase your score. For instance, each pangram corresponds to 24 points and each yellow-outlined letter will give you an increase of 5 points after use. If you use this bonus letter many times, you can get a lot of points. With these scoring rules, players can win a lot of high scores and there is a frequently asked question about scores.

What is the good score in the Blossom Word Game?

In order to answer this question, let's calculate points in certain cases.

Case 1: 12 4-letter words: 24 points

Case 2: 11 5-letter words and 1 pangram: 68 points

Case 3: 11 6-letter words and 1 pangram: 90 points

Case 4: 11 4-letter words with yellow-outlined letters and 1 pangram: 101 points

Case 5: 12 pangrams: 288 points

Case 6: 12 pangrams with yellow-outlined letters: 348 points

You can see the difference in scores when finding words with a large number of letters and using yellow-outlined letters. Words with more letters earn more points, and using more yellow-outlined letters is a huge bonus. These are the two most useful ways to achieve good results.

It is a good match when players can complete a game with 12 qualifying words. The achievements will become more and more impressive if you reach 100 points, 200 points, 300 points, and more. The minimum score is 24 and the highest score is infinity.

Blossom Word Game Answers

The answers are different for each game on each day. Let's follow the answer in recent day!

A answer example for Oct 29

Oct 29 day requires you to create words with letters: E, P, L, A, I, S, C and the C letter is center. You can create words below.

4 letter words: 4: Acai, Acca, Aces, Acle, Alca, Asci, Caca, Cala, Call, Cape, Capa, Case, Caps, Ceil, Cell, Ceps, Cepe, Clap, Clea, Clee, Ecce, Eces, Epic, Esca, Lace, Lacs, Laic, Lice, Pica, Pice, Pici, Pics, Sacs, Saic, Sice, Sics.

5 letter words: Acais, Accas, Acles, Aecia, Alcae, Alces, Apace, Apical, Ascii, Aspic, Caapi, Cacas, Cacce, Caeca, Calas, Calis, Calla,Calli, Calls, Capas, Capes, Caple, Cappa, Casas, Casei, Cases, Casse, Cease, Cecal, Ceili, Ceils, Cella, Celli, Cells, Cepes, Ciels, Cilia, Cippi, Cissa, Claes, Claps, Clasp, Class, Cleas, Clees, Clepe, Cless, Eccle, Escas, Icica, Ileac, Iliac, Lacca, Laces, Lacis, Laics, etc.

6 letter words: Acacia, Access, Aecial, Alcaic, Allice, Alpaca, Laccas, Laical, Palace, Pascal, Secles, Sialic, Silica, Slices, Specie, Spucae, Spicas, Spices, Celsia, cesses, Cicala, Cilice, Cisele, Classes, etc.

7+ letter words: Allspice, Allspices, Asclepias, Calipees, Especial, Passacaille, Passacailles, Passecaille, Passecailles, Piacles, Slipcase, Slipcases, Specialise, Specialises, Specials, Special, Acacias, Accesses, Aclases, Aclasis, Alcaics, Allelic, Alliaceae, Allices, Alpacas, Classic, Classical, Classless, Eclipsis, Eclipsises, Episcias, Escapelass, Escapees, Escapee, Isiacal, Laccases, Laccase, Laccases, Laccases, Laceless, etc.

Hints to find Blossom Word Game answers

If you are looking for hints to find answers, there are some tips for all players.

  • Start with the letters given: Players should look closely at the letters provided in the game and try to identify any common prefixes, suffixes, or letter combinations that can be used to form from.
  • Find shorter words: It's a good way to start by finding shorter words using the given letters. This can help you identify common letter combinations and provide a foundation for finding longer words.
  • Use word patterns: Players also look for letter patterns or arrangements of flowers. For example, if there is a four-letter flower with the first letter being "A" and the last letter being "S", you can try to find words that fit this pattern.
  • Use word associations: Let's think of related words or words with similar meanings. This can help you come up with alternative word choices that match the given letters.

Remember, the Blossom Word Game game is designed to be challenging and may require a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Good luck!