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Monkey Market

Monkey Market is a simulation game of a monkey, a mart owner. Let's do business with your monkey through familiar items such as bananas, corn, eggs, milk, etc. Are you curious about the life of a monkey when it can act like a human? Start now and experience it!

Monkey Abilities

In Monkey Market, there are many monkeys with two main roles.

Mart Owner in Monkey Market

You will transform into the boss of the supermarket. This monkey has many special abilities for business. First, you can grow banana and corn plants to harvest and sell them in your supermarket. Your monkey can also receive money from customers. These jobs are completely within the monkey's ability. In addition, there are also many other possibilities which will be listed below.

  • You can upgrade your monkey to increase productivity.
  • The owner monkey can hire employees to reduce the amount of work.
  • Take control of the supermarket by waking up lazy employees and chasing away vandals.
  • Don't forget to expand your supermarket with new items.

With the mentioned abilities, your monkey can manage the supermarket perfectly. Your task is to control it appropriately and come up with appropriate strategies for the supermarket. Rely on these capabilities to make your supermarket the biggest.

Employees And Monkey Customers

You can hire employees while monkey customers will automatically come to Monkey Market. Each character will have a different role.

For example, you can hire cashiers, corn delivery staff, egg delivery staff, etc. In contrast, customers are free and they will come to buy your items and pay you. These characters have one characteristic in common: automatism. These characters all move automatically and perform their roles. You just need to pay attention to employees who are lazy and go to sleep. Wake them up to continue work!

With different characters and roles, this monkey game is similar to Murder where you can transform into a king or a murderer to participate in challenges.

Monkey Market Control

In this online game, you just need to control the owner monkey. To control, use the arrow keys. With these control keys, your monkey can move smoothly. In addition, to choose to upgrade your monkey or hire staff, let's use your mouse.