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Murder is a role-playing game with two main characters: the king and the murderer. Take turns to become both 2 characters and perform their respective missions. There are 2 main characters and you have opportunities to play both two roles.

2 Roles in Murder

As you can know, this online game includes two different roles: king and assassin. Each character has a different role. Instead of just being a hardworking bee character in Spelling Bee, you can become one of two characters alternately in this new game.

Character King in Murder

The king's character is the target of assassins. They want to destroy the king to replace his position and power. The king is the head of a country and holds all power, so this character is the target of many players and assassins.

In terms of a king, you need to protect yourself by detecting attack plots. You are a king so you have many henchmen and servants following you. They always walk behind you and form assassination plans. While moving, be wary of them and turn around to check. If you can detect attack plots directly, you can destroy the plots. However, if you cannot detect it, the assassin will take your place as king.

The Role of the Assassin

In Murder, the role of the assassin is interesting because you need to attack the king in secret. The assassin role is also very diverse because you can transform into many different characters. You can become a clown, a soldier, a waiter, or a butler.

No matter which character you transform into, your goal is only one: the king. Press and hold to prepare to attack. Once the attack bar is full, you can destroy the king and take his place. However, if you are discovered, you will be taken into custody. After that, you will return with a new assassin character.

Some Tips For King and Assassin

If you become a king, you should pay attention to every action of the characters behind you. If characters like clowns or waiters get too close to you, turn back immediately. Characters like soldiers and butlers are harder to deal with. Pay attention to their every move. If they raise their hands, it will be the moment they are preparing to attack you.

In terms of assassins, you need to avoid the king's detection by observing his head. Be careful when the king suddenly raises his head. At those times, the king is wary of you.