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Hurdle is a special word-guessing game because the game only provides the total number of correct letters after each try. You won't know which letter it is. This word-guessing game becomes more unique than other word-guessing games and attracts many players.

Special Hurdle Gameplay

This word-guessing game becomes more special than other games because of the suggested results. Instead of giving exact results for each letter, you just get the sum of the letters. To better understand the rules of this game, let's learn about the next two sections.

Principle of Filling Words

The word-filling principle of this online game is similar to Blossom Word Game. Players can still use virtual keyboards to fill in words. However, the rules regarding words have changed.

In Blossom Word Game, you can fill in words with 4 or more letters and the game will give you the required 7 letters. You can only use these 7 letters to form meaningful words. Words with more letters will give you more points.

In Hurdle, the game limits the number of letters in a word. You can only create 5-letter words, but you can use all the letters of the alphabet. In addition, this Hurdle game limits players to 8 attempts while Blossom Word Game is unlimited.

Although Hurdle's word-filling principle is different from Blossom Word Game, it is also familiar to fans of Foodle. If you often play online games of this genre, you will be no stranger to this playing style. However, this new game has a unique way of giving results.

How to Give Results in Hurdle

If you play Foodle, the game will return results based on each letter. The players can know the correct letter and the wrong letter. This hint makes it easy to predict the target words. However, Hurdle has a completely new way.

After you enter a word and press the Enter key, the game will calculate the sum of the correct letters and the sum of the misplaced letters for you. They are shown in green and yellow. This result-giving way will give you more challenges. Not only do you have to guess the word, but you also have to guess each letter. Even though you used the correct letter, you don't know which letter it is. The challenge of a word-guessing game is pushed to its peak. Are you ready to join these matches in this new game?

Some Tips To Play

To play Hurdle well, reasoning ability is extremely important. Not only do you need to have a vocabulary, but you also have to guess the letters. To identify the green and yellow letters in a filled word, you need to try many different words. Try using words with 2 similar letters to identify that letter. After that, you can continue with the next letters.

Using words with completely different letters is good practice if the game returns 0 green and 0 yellow. In these cases, players should not repeat letters from the previous word. You can apply these two ways to win all Hurdle challenges!