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Crazy Cars

Crazy Cars is a multi-genre racing game with Free 1-player, 2-player, and Race mode. Each mode brings you to the speed world with colorful racing laps. With a variety of modes, this online game can confidently meet all the entertainment needs of players.

All Crazy Cars Modes

This driving game includes 3 modes: 1-player, 2-player, and Race mode. 1P and 2P modes have some similar features while Race mode is quite special.

1P and 2P Mode

In Crazy Cars, you can choose to play alone or with a friend. These two modes are similar in terms of gameplay, environment, and challenges. In both modes, you can drive freely to explore your surroundings. The surrounding environment is featured prominently because there are many roads, circuits, and slopes for players to experience. In particular, the colorful environment will make the game visually appealing. Finally, the challenges to collecting the stars are similar between the two modes.

The only difference is the number of players. Therefore, the control method in each mode also changes. In 1P mode, you only need to use the arrow keys while you need to use WASD for Player 1 and arrow keys for Player 2 in 2P mode.

Crazy Cars Race Mode

Racing mode is a special mode where you control your car to reach the finish line instead of driving freely. Drive your car according to the game's directional instructions. If you move to another path, you must return to that path to continue the race. The game does not allow any other road. At the end of each race, the game will display the current highest achievement for you.

There are many races such as Flat Out, The Slide, Drag Race, Over Egg Mountain, Follow the Train, Kriss Kross, and Pepe Silvia. Each racetrack will have a different terrain.

Unlock New Cars

Cars are an extremely important element for driving games. It can decide your victory or defeat. In Crazy Cars, you can unlock many different cars to enhance your experience. Some notable cars are Muscle, Mad Bull, Prancing Horse, Starcar, Suprah, and Testa. Your options in Crazy Cars are more than in Vampire Survivors where you can only choose one of 4 heroes to fight vampires in endless arenas.