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Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball is a ball-running game with complex zigzag platforms. Switch direction in time to move on the platforms and avoid falling into space! Are you ready to challenge your controlling abilities?

Controlling Abilities in Rolling Ball

Control in this online game is extremely important because you need to ensure the safety of your ball. Dangers will constantly come to challenge your ability.

Challenges For Your Ball

In Rolling Ball, there are two main challenges for all players: speed and platforms.

The speed of this running game is average in the beginning. All players can control the ball easily. However, this speed is not stable and it will change. After you move over a speed arrow, your ball speed will increase. Along with this increase, speed challenges will come to you. You need to master your speed to conquer the next challenges.

The second challenge is the platforms. These platforms are often arranged in a zigzag pattern but their lengths vary. It means that the paths you take will always change in both direction and size. This feature tests your control ability more to conquer high scores.

How to Control in Rolling Ball

To control this running game, you only need your mouse. After each click, your ball will change direction to fit the zigzag platforms. It is necessary to react nimbly and move forward. If you fall off the platforms, the game will be over. No player expected this result. Therefore, focus on controlling your ball to achieve admirable achievements.

Admirable Achievements

In Rolling Ball, the players' achievements are calculated according to their scores. The more points you win, the higher your achievement. There are two ways to win more points.

  • Run as far as possible.
  • Collect gems on your way.

With these two ways, you can collect points. In addition, if you can reach the finish line, a big reward will be sent to you. Take a look at the progress bar at the top. You can grasp your position on the path to conquering that peak.

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