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Google Minesweeper

Google Minesweeper is a classic Minesweeper game with Google's design. In this version, you continue playing Minesweeper with 3 modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Are you ready to challenge with a new volume?

New Online Minesweeper Version

Welcome to Google Minesweeper, a new version of the classic Minesweeper! Minesweeper game is popular globally with its simple and engaging gameplay. This classic game has many different versions and one of the prominent ones is the Google version. What makes this version stand out?

First, players can see the Google-style design. If you have played other Google remake games like Google Snake Game, you will see this feature. The green background color and familiar patterns will appear. Second, this version has a more modern design than previous versions with 3 modes. Prominent objects such as bombs, numbers, and flags have all been redesigned with a more impressive appearance.

If you are looking for a simple entertaining game, this Google Minesweeper game will be extremely suitable.

Play Google Minesweeper

Coming to this new volume, players can enjoy the features of Classic Minesweeper with 3 modes.

Basic Features of Minesweeper

In terms of gameplay, players will select hidden tiles. These tiles can be into one of the following 3 cases.

  • Case 1: Empty Tile.
  • Case 2: Bomb Tile.
  • Case 3: Number Tile.

All players try to find empty tiles or number tiles and avoid bomb tiles. Empty tiles will allow you to open a series of surrounding safe tiles while number tiles are safe to open on their own. The bomb tiles are dangerous because the game will end if you select this tile. The game will continue if you do not select the bomb tile. Choose as many blank and number tiles as possible to get the highest score.

In terms of control, it's easy to play all Minesweeper versions with your mouse. Players just need to click on the target tile to unlock it.

3 Google Minesweeper Modes

This Google version includes 3 modes: Easy, medium, and Hard. These modes vary in difficulty. Normally, the game will take you to Medium mode when you start the game. To change modes, just press the mode button in the upper left corner.