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Quordle is a wordle game with an upgraded word-guessing version with 3 modes and more challenges. Are you ready to guess the 4 target words through 9 tries? Two features will bring you many challenges and excitement after each match.

Gameplay with 4 Target Words & 9 Tries

Welcome to Quordle where you show off your word-guessing and vocabulary skills! Coming to this online game, you can continue the challenges of Wordle with a more upgraded and more challenging version. Let's learn about these innovations!

4 Quordle Target Words

As you can know, this puzzle game challenges all players with 4 target words instead of a single word. These 4 target words are 4 different words in meaning and they can also belong to many different fields. This number of words will bring a lot of difficulties to players, especially participants for the first time.

In this online word game, you will still enter letters on the playing boards via the virtual keyboard. However, these filled letters will appear simultaneously on all 4 playing boards and they are also checked simultaneously. A playing board will stop if you find a target word and the game will end successfully if you complete all 4 playing boards in 9 tries.

9 Attempts for All Players

All players only have 9 attempts instead of infinite attempts like Blossom Word Game. This will make the game more challenging because you have 4 target words. It means that you must find the first target word on the 6th try and the other words must be gradually discovered. If you don't find any target words after the 6th try, the game is definitely lost. On the contrary, if you win, wait until the next day to receive the next challenge.

It is impossible to use more than 9 attempts but it is possible to figure out all 4 target words with fewer tries. The fewer tries you use, the better your ability to guess words will be.

Other Quordle Upgrades

This puzzle game is upgraded with more modes. You have 3 mode options: 4, 5, and 6. What do these numbers represent? They are the number of letters in each word: 4-letter word, 5-letter word, and 6-letter word.

It is impossible to change the number of letters in the Wordle game but this function is completely possible in Quordle. You can select and change this function thanks to the green button at the top of the screen. This button also shows a number corresponding to the current mode. After changing the mode, you will see a change in the playing board with more cells in a column. Note that your number of attempts remains the same.

Another upgrade is timing. The game does not limit the time for each match but this puzzle game will calculate the time you use to complete a match. Based on this data, you can monitor your ability to guess words. Are you guessing words quickly or slowly?

If you don't like timing, you can hide the clock in Settings. In this Setting section, you can also install Dark Theme and Daily Word Mode.