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Caves FRVR

Caves FRVR is a spaceship-driving game into deep and endless caves in search of power stations and colorful diamonds while avoiding collisions with any stones! This running game has special gameplay with a unique ship direction to move!

Special Caves FRVR Gameplay

In this running game, your spaceship will move lower and lower to enter caves. This opposite moving way makes this online game unique in the gaming world because normally, driving games like Blumgi Rocket will always move forward. Let's learn about this new game!

Move Into The Caves

Instead of moving in vast space, your spaceship will head to deep caves. Therefore, you will move by gradually lowering altitude. With this control, you will gradually go into the cave. This adventure becomes even more special because the cave is endless. You can explore the infinity online underground world. This new world will impress players.

Even though your surrounding is covered by the caves, the area around you is not dark. Diamonds and power stations will light up the entire cave.

While moving, players need to avoid colliding with rocks and cliffs. If you collide with these objects, your spaceship will be destroyed and the game will be over.

Diamonds And Power Stations in Caves FRVR

In the caves, there are many diamonds and energy stations. These two items are available for players to collect and they have different uses.

  • Diamonds of many colors help you unlock new spaceships. They are also a criterion in the summary table. With challenges in caves, only talented players can collect many diamonds.
  • Power stations are especially important in this control game. Because your spaceship moves through an endless cave, it can run out of energy. Stop at power stations to get more energy and continue your journey. Energy stations are also a resting place for players before facing new challenges.

Controls, Quests, and Upgrades

In order to control Caves FRVR, you can use the left, right, and up arrow keys to move your spaceship. During the journey, you can complete the game's quests to win prizes.

There are various quests like landing on the energy station 50 times, collecting yellow gems, or flying into the cave. These missions are not difficult to complete. Perform them to receive precious purple diamonds. In particular, after each journey, you can fill up the reward bars to receive boxes. These boxes contain many useful and surprising gifts.

Finally, you can upgrade your spaceship or unlock new vehicles by using purple diamonds. After upgrading, the indicators of speed, energy, and balance will become better. It is also the same for new spaceships with better prices.