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Onet Connect Classic

Onet Connect Classic is a classic image-matching game with 3 themes: animals, fruits, and food. Connect similar pictures with a limited number of lines! Let's choose one of three themes and start the game now!

3 Onet Connect Classic Themes

This online game has 3 available themes: animals, fruits, and food. These topics all have similar and different characteristics.

Common Characteristics between 3 Topics

All 3 Onet Connect Classic themes have the same gameplay. When entering a topic, players need to match two identical pictures to remove them. During the connection process, you also need to pay attention to some requirements. For example, you can only use a limited number of lines to connect them. Therefore, let's connect the two pictures in the empty positions first.

In addition, these topics all have many stages. Each stage will include different pictures and their arrangement is also different. In new levels, you can also see a similar change when the pictures move after each removal.

Finally, all stages have time limits to complete. You need to remove all the pictures on the game screen within a limited time.

The Difference in Onet Connect Classic

The main difference is the subject matter. Each theme will focus on different characters. Animals, fruits, and food are all familiar themes. However, in Onet Connect Classic, the images are incredibly lovely to experience.

This cuteness may remind you of the hardworking bees in Spelling Bee. Try this word-guessing game and show off your vocabulary!

Notes When Connecting Pictures

While playing Onet Connect Classic, players need to pay attention to the time and the first pictures.

However, there are some other important factors such as hints, rotating turns, and points.

  • You can use the game's hints to find two similar pictures.
  • When all the pictures are in unconnected positions, you can reverse the positions of the pictures with the Rotate button.
  • After each successful connection, players will receive points to increase the rankings.

Note that the number of hints and rotating turns is limited to activate in Onet Connect Classic.