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Octordle is an 8-board word-guessing game where you need to find 8 target words through 13 tries at the same time. The ultimate challenge is for all players! It also belongs to the puzzle genre like some other games on our Blossom Word Game website.

Some Similar Games

There are many puzzle games in the gaming world and many games belong to the word-guessing genre. Each game has its own characteristics. However, with outstanding word-guessing gameplay, we can mention the following two similar games.

Wordle is the original game with the simplest gameplay. This online game only requires players to find one 5-letter word every day. This puzzle game always attracts many players because of its attractive and basic gameplay to suit many players. However, this word game only has 1 target word per day and you need to wait until the next day to continue. Therefore, it may not satisfy fans of this genre. If you are in this situation, you can find the unlimited version on our website.

Another interesting game is Quordle which is a more upgraded version than Wordle. Players will challenge their abilities with 4 target words and 8 attempts. An increase in the target word corresponds to higher difficulty. In particular, players need to find them at the same time. This online gameplay is quite similar to Octordle but it is still less challenging. To truly experience the ultimate challenges, come to the Octordle game now!

Online Octordle Game

This online game will give players the ultimate challenge with 8-board gameplay. Let's learn about this special gameplay together.

The 8-board Gameplay

The Octordle game provides players with 8 playing boards corresponding to 8 target words. The players need to find all 8 words after 13 tries. The target words are different. There is only one similarity, the number of letters, 5 letters.

During gameplay, you will see 8 playing boards and 1 keyboard on your main screen. To enter words, you can use this virtual keyboard. It has all the functions of a regular keyboard. After completing typing a word, press the Enter key to check. The game will return you 3 results through color: green, yellow, and gray.

  • Green: Correct letter and correct position.
  • Yellow: Correct letter and wrong position.
  • Gray: Wrong letter.

All words are marked with these 3 color symbols. When all 5 letters are green, you complete 1 target word.

With 13 tries and 8 target words, the players need to find the first target word on the 6th try. If the players cannot find the first target word on the 6th try, this play will fail. However, don't give up easily because this game allows you to play multiple times until you answer all the puzzles.

2 Puzzle Octordle Modes

There are 2 modes: Daily Octordle and Free Octordle.

  • Daily mode has 8 target words for each day. After finding these 8 target words, you need to wait until the next day to do new challenges. This feature is similar to Wordle.
  • Free mode offers endless gameplay for all players. Every day, you can play as many times as you like. The target words will change after each success.