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Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is a classic running game. With its origins as a no-internet game, players can become T-rex dino and jump over cactus and birds. Are you ready to become a giant creature and start a new adventure?

New Adventure With T-rex

In Dinosaur Game, T-rex is the main character in every journey. You will transform into this character and explore a vast and endless desert land. What characteristics does this desert world have?

Coming to this online world, players can experience a classic black-and-white world with 3 main creatures: T-rex, cacti, and birds. These 3 elements will be the main components of your adventure with different roles. T-rex will be your avatar while cacti and birds will become obstacles.

Moreover, this new journey also challenges players at a fast pace. T-rex will run at high speed. You can compare this speed with Rolling Ball. Players need to adapt to this speed to avoid obstacles and get high scores.

High Score in Dinosaur Game

In this running game, your score will be calculated based on the distance you travel. The farther you move, the higher your score, and vice versa. Therefore, to get high scores, players should focus on controlling their dino and avoiding obstacles.

Dino Controlling Way

It is easy to control your dinosaur. To start the game, you need to press the spacebar. After that, players can use the spacebar or up arrow key to make their T-rex jump. In addition, this Dinosaur Game game has a widget. Players can press the Enter key to start a new journey. All operations can be performed on the keyboard. It is convenient and time-saving for players to challenge themselves continuously.

Dinosaur Game Obstacles

There are 2 types of obstacles in this dino game: cacti and birds. You need to control your dino to jump over these two creatures and keep your dino safe. However, you should pay attention to the birds because they can fly at different heights. In addition, the birds usually appear after you reach 500 points.