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Wordle is an online word-guessing game through 6 tries. Fill in random 5-letter words and find the target word based on the returned results with 3 colors. How to fill letters? What are these colors? What are they for? Let's answer all these questions together in the next sections!

Word-Guessing Gameplay

This Wordle game offers you Blossom Word Game-like word-guessing gameplay. However, this game will not provide hint letters. Instead, you have to make an absolute guess. So, how to fill in the words?

How to Complete Words in Wordle

In order to fill in words, you just need to use your keyboard or virtual keyboard to select the appropriate letters.

On the main screen, there is 1 playing board and 1 keyboard. You can click on this virtual keyboard to select any letter. These letters will immediately appear on the playing board. After completing typing, press Enter to check the word. This word-filling way is simple because all players can do it. However, the challenge of the game is the rules on how to complete that match.

Rules for Guessing Words

During the word-guessing process, you need to follow some game rules to ensure the successful completion of the matches. You can follow the following basic regulations.

  • Number of letters: This Wordle game requires that each word must have 5 letters. You can see this rule right on the playing board. Each row corresponds to one trial with 1 word. There are only 5 cells in 1 row and it is only possible to press the Enter key when you enter all 5 letters in that row.
  • Meaning of words: The filled words can be from any field such as science, health, education, environment, food, vehicles, or society. You just need to make sure they make sense. Every word needs to be in the game's dictionary. Wordle's dictionary includes thousands of different words, so you can rest assured about the vocabulary of this online game.
  • Number of attempts: Your number of attempts is 6. The 6th attempt is the last attempt where you need to fill in the predicted target word. If you fill in incorrectly, you can try again. However, if you fill it in correctly, you need to wait until the next day to receive a new challenge.
  • Number of challenges: As mentioned above, this word game only has one target word per day. Once you find that target word, you need to wait until the next day to continue. That's why the unlimited version was released. You can search for unlimited versions on our website.

Tips To Conquer Wordle

To conquer this puzzle game, players need vocabulary and reasoning ability. A large vocabulary will become an advantage for any player. However, if you don't remember some words, you can look in the dictionary for word suggestions.

In addition, reasoning ability is also extremely important to find the target word. After each time you enter a word, the game will return you 3 different results.

  • Green: Correct letter and correct position.
  • Yellow: Correct letter and wrong position.
  • Gray: Wrong letter.

Based on these suggestions, you can deduce which letters and in what positions the next words should have. Use the power of elimination to find the target word more easily!