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Stack Colors

Play Stack Colors to stack as many bricks as possible and kick them forward at the finish line for the highest score. Brick color greatly affects your results! This online game also challenges players with speed and obstacles. Are you ready to join brick-collecting competitions?

Brick-collecting Competitions

This Stack Colors game resembles a competition to collect as many bricks as possible. These bricks are arranged on your way. However, there are notes during the collection process.

Color Of Bricks

There are many bricks in this Stack Colors game. They are not only numerous in number but also in color. Bricks come in many different colors such as blue, red, and yellow. Each color only allows a car of the same color to collect them. If you collect bricks of different colors, your points will be deducted.

So what color do you need to pay attention to?

Your character controls a cart. You need to pay attention to the color of this cart instead of the color of the character. In particular, the color of the cart can change. You should pay attention to this factor.

In addition, the bricks are arranged in two different styles. Bricks of the same color can be placed close together or bricks of different colors can be placed alternately. In the second case, players need to be more careful to avoid collecting bricks of different colors.

Quantity in Stack Colors

You only have one character and one cart but you can collect an endless amount of bricks. You can stack bricks up to the sky and transport them to the finish line. They definitely won't fall over.

Although this online game does not specify specific numbers like Octordle where you can only fill in 5-letter words, the number of these bricks greatly affects your score.

Score in Stack Colors

After stacking the bricks and reaching the target, players need to quickly click continuously to create pedal force. After that, your character will perform a kick to kick all bricks forward.

In the foreground, score multiplier bars are available for players to improve their performance. The more force you use, the farther the bricks move and the higher your score. Your final score will be equal to the total number of collected bricks and the number of bonus points after kicking.