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Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee is a word-guessing game based on given letters and one required letter. Make as many words as possible before a new challenge comes the next day. This game's gameplay is similar to Blossom Word Game, but there are still differences.

Compare 2 Games

Let's compare this Spelling Bee game and the Blossom Word Game game to see the characteristics of each game.

Similarity Of 2 Games

Both Spelling Bee and Blossom Word Game games belong to the word-guessing game genre with similar gameplay. Two games provide players with a few available letters, and players have to make words from these letters. Besides, you also need to use the center letter. The boldly printed letter in the center is required for all words. Words without the center letter will not be accepted.

In addition, both of these games do not limit the number of letters in a word. You can complete a word with 4 or more letters. The maximum number of letters is unlimited. In particular, the game encourages players to create words with as many letters as possible. The longer the words, the more points you get.

Finally, both puzzle games will be updated every day. On the next day, the letters will be changed.

With 3 similar features, these two puzzle games can confuse players. However, the following differences will help you understand these two online games more clearly.

Spelling Bee Differences

In Spelling Bee, you can find as many words as possible and fill them in the game box. Blossom Word Game has a few differences because this game only requires players to fill in 12 words. After 12 qualifying words, the game will end.

Because the number of words is different, the suggestions for the two games are also different. Spelling Bee only provides answers after you complete all the words of the day or see the list the next day. On the contrary, Blossom Word Game will provide a list of suggestions as soon as you complete 12 words. After that, you can replay this game with the same letters to get a higher score.

Another difference is the mode. Blossom Word Game allows players to replay challenges from previous days while Spelling Bee is a single-day challenge. If you miss the previous games, it will be impossible to get a second chance.

Some Specific Rules About Spelling Bee

Above, players can grasp some general information about this word-guessing game. However, for more detailed information, players can read the following content.

  • Word-filling requirement: Players must use the provided letters and required words. The number of letters for each word is 4 or more. In the filling process, you can Delete wrong letters and try unlimited times. In order to finish filling, click the Enter button to check your words.
  • Scoring method: 4-letter words will give players 1 point. However, words with larger numbers will have more points. For example, 5-letter words give you up to 5 points.
  • List of hints: The game only provides words from the previous day. You can look at this list and find suitable suggestions. To see the list, click on the calendar icon at the top of the screen.