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One More Dash

Play One More Dash to join speed races with the series of balls, circles, and obstacles. Everything rotates continuously and you need to move before time's up. Are you ready to join races full of challenges?

Play One More Dash Online

This game is an online speed game where you can challenge your ability with speed and obstacles. These features will impress any participant.

Speed and Obstacles

The speed of One More Dash is fast. Players will see the movement speed of your ball and the circles. Your ball can move from circle to circle quickly. It is similar to circles. However, instead of moving, the circles will rotate in place.

The circles are the destination of your ball but they also include obstacles. The colored parts will be obstacles. There are two types of obstacles: regular obstacles and spiked obstacles. Regular obstacles will bounce you off while spiked obstacles will destroy your ball. Therefore, if you collide with a normal obstacle, you will still have a chance to survive. However, collisions with spiked obstacles only come to an end.

In particular, obstacles can become more complex when circles combine and form multiple layers of obstacles.

How to Conquer One More Dash

To conquer this online game, you need to find a way to overcome the speed and obstacles. Speed is an easier factor to master. You can practice and get used to this speed. However, the obstacles are a more difficult challenge because the situations from the obstacles are very diverse. You need to handle many different situations, so your reflexes are very important.

In particular, the time between jumps is limited. If you stand still in a circle for too long, the game will end. The game limits each jump to 3 seconds. During these 3 seconds, you can make as many jumps as you want as long as your ball is not destroyed or thrown into space.

Achievements and Bonuses

Before entering a match, the game will give players a task such as surviving for 10 seconds, collecting 15 balls, or collecting 5 stars. Complete these missions until the list of 200 missions is finished.

During matches, you can collect balls or stars. Stars are special items to unlock new backgrounds. To start, you can only play with a monochrome gray background. However, a series of colorful backgrounds are waiting for you to explore. This background change is similar to Idle Ants where you can collect food like hard-working ants and unlock new worlds.