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Blumgi Rocket

Blumgi Rocket is an ultimate driving game as you move through complex terrains and use a rocket to create powerful attacks to reach the finish line. This game will create new experiences for all players to drive while using a rocket.

The Special Driving Gameplay

The gameplay of this Blumgi Rocket game becomes special because you can drive and enjoy rocket flights at the same time. Is this unique combination successful? Let's find out together in the following sections.

Driving at Blumgi Rocket

Your main task is still driving. You will control your car to move forward and reach the finish line to complete a level. If your cars face collisions or failure, you can restart this level immediately. During this move, several features stand out to the players.

To control your car, use the arrow keys or WASD. These control keys are familiar to all players, so you can control your car easily.

However, the challenge in controlling is the dangers on your way. First, the game terrain is extremely complex with many corners, slopes, and obstacles. You may face deep water holes, steep slopes, or high mountain peaks. To move through these terrains, you need to demonstrate different driving skills to suit each terrain. Second, the location of the finish line is very diverse. It is not only on the ground but also in the sky. Therefore, rockets are absolutely necessary to complete these challenges.

Rocket's Effects

A rocket will be placed on the rear of your car. To use rockets, just press the spacebar. After activating, the rocket will create a large force to push the car forward. With this force, your car can be pushed forward or fly high.

Because the rocket pushes strongly from behind, controlling the car's movement direction is difficult in this case. Usually, players need a few levels to practice this new moveability. When controlling this rocket, players should pay attention to the direction of the car's front and rear. You should determine the next direction of movement and the direction of the rocket's force before activating. This action can help you master rocket-driving skills more easily.

Blumgi Rocket Vehicles

Vehicles in this driving game are cars. Starting the game, you receive an orange supercar. In the next levels, you will move into an online world filled with orange colors. After level 5, all players will receive a blue supercar as a gift. Immediately, this Blumgi Rocket world was covered in blue. This gaming world will change with each car you own.

The game will become more and more special as you unlock new cars. There are 3 ways to unlock your vehicles.

  • Unlock 10 cars by completing 50 levels.
  • 5 cars are free to unlock.
  • The remaining 10 cars require watching ads to unlock.

Each car is designed with a different style. With this feature, players can enjoy many interesting worlds. In particular, worlds with Snowman, Penguin, Reindeer, and Goblin are extremely suitable for the upcoming Christmas.

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