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Candy Jump

Candy Jump is a candy-controlling game to overcome rotating geometry. Let's choose parts of the same color as your candy and collect stars to gain trophies! This online game will become extremely challenging with geometry.

Geometry Challenges

In Candy Jump, players will face geometry. These geometries are familiar but they are challenges in this running game. Why? Let's learn about the characteristics of geometry to know why.

Candy Jump With a Variety Of Colors

This online game is eye-catching because it provides objects with many bright colors. Green, blue, red, purple, pink, yellow, and many other colors can appear in this online game. In particular, color is closely related to your movement.

You will move a candy to conquer challenges. This candy can change color and the geometry is similar. Geometric shapes often come in many colors. Each part of them has different colors. Your candy can only move through areas of the same color.

Complex Structure Of Geometry

In addition to the variety of colors, geometric shapes also have complex structures with many different layers. Players may often face the following special cases. A small geometry is placed inside a large geometry. To move through this unique combination, players need to time it as precisely as possible. In particular, the challenge will become more complicated if there are 3, 4, or more geometry.

Candy Jump Controls

To control your candy, you just need to click and your candy will automatically move up. It will keep moving if you keep clicking. On the contrary, your candy will fall if you stop.

During clicking, you need to overcome geometry challenges and collect stars. Geometry challenges can be more difficult as your candy can change color. In addition, to conquer prestigious trophies, players should collect stars inside the geometries. This control is special and it can be similar to One More Dash.