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Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is an endless battle between heroes and vampires. Players will transform into heroes and use fighting skills to fight scary vampires. This gameplay is completely different from the Blossom Word Game. Are you ready to join infinity battles with vampires?

Heroes and Vampires

Heroes and vampires are two opponents in the Vampire Survivors battles. Each character will play a different role in this survival game.

Heroes - Players' Role

As you can know, players will transform into a hero and try to survive in the vampire world. There are many heroes and each hero has different characteristics.

  • Antonio stands out with his powerful whip attacks. These heroes deal 10% more damage attacks every 10 levels and the highest is 50%.
  • Imedal has an outstanding magic attack. You need 10 coins to unlock this character. In return, you will receive 10% experience every 5 levels until you reach 30% which is the highest.
  • Pasqualina is a strong fighter that costs 120 coins. This hero can unleash powerful attacks like blows from the thunder god Thorn's hammer. After every 5 levels, the hero can increase 10% faster.
  • Gennaro is considered a super ninja with the ability to use swords. This hero's attacks are well worth his 600 coins.

Vampires - Enemy of Vampire Survivors

There are also many vampires with different characteristics.

For example:

  • The bats are the heroes' weakest opponents. You can destroy them with one attack.
  • The glowing bats have peak resistance. They seem to be invulnerable to normal attacks.
  • Vampire plants also have good resistance and you need to destroy them through many attacks.

There are many other vampires. The only similarity is their goals. Heroes are always the target of vampires and they always follow you to destroy.

Battles of Vampire Survivors

In this action game, you will control the heroes' movement with the arrow keys. While moving, you need to ensure 2 tasks.

  • Attack the vampires and collect the loot.
  • Avoid vampire attacks to keep your character safe.

These loots will bring you many different values including leveling up and unlocking new heroes. In particular, gems are created after the deaths of vampires and they will help you level up. For example, when you reach level 2, you can fire 1 more projectile. At level 3, you can generate damaging zones. There are many other useful upgrades such as raising inflicted damage by 10%, reducing incoming damage by 1, or firing 1 more projectile.

Battles will take place endlessly. The game only ends when your health bar is depleted. After each match, don't forget to follow Collection, Power-ups, and Achievements.

  • Collection is a collection of upgraded items such as Whip, Magic Wand, Knife, Santa Water, Spinach, and Pot Roast. Each of these items has its own values such as restoring 30 health score with Pot Roast, generating damaging zones with Santa Water, or orbiting around the character with King Bible.
  • Power-ups are available items that you can buy to increase your character's strength in matches. Powerups are very diverse with many different uses. Some prominent examples include Might, Max Health, Armor, Amount, Cooldown, Area, and Velocity.
  • Achievements are tasks you can complete in matches. These quests are not required, but you can only unlock some special items after completing a few achievements. For example, you need to reach level 5 to unlock Wings.