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Sushi Party

Sushi Party is an endless survival simulation between snakes in the online sushi world. Let's show your controlling and fighting skills while enjoying sushi! Let's start with battles in 2 modes!

Battles in 2 Modes

Matches in the two modes are the top concern of players in Sushi Party. How will the battles take place? What are the two modes of this action game? Let's answer together through the next sections!

Sushi Party Battles

Battles will take place in an endless arena in terms of area, enemies, items, and time. Each element becomes endless to help players immerse themselves in a wonderful gaming world.

  • The area of the arena is impressive as the game does not limit the playing area. You can move anywhere and this endless space will always be ready for you to explore. This is an ideal arena for both attack and defense. You can show off all your strategies without worrying about limits.
  • Your enemies are other players in the role of snakes. The number of players is endless because all participants at the same time will compete in the same arena. Therefore, always be ready to compete with a large number of enemies!
  • The main item is sushi, food for snakes. It is easy to eat sushi at any location on this map. The sushi is endless and they keep appearing after other pieces of sushi are eaten.
  • The time of each match is unlimited. You can play until your snake is destroyed. This time limit is similar to Blossom Word Game where players can spend any amount of time participating in challenges.

2 Different Modes

This Sushi Party game includes two modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. If you press the Play button, you will automatically play 1 Player mode. If you want to switch to 2 Players mode, press the 2P button.

These two modes only differ in the number of players. All other factors are similar. To control 2 snakes on the same device, use the WASD keys and arrow keys. It can be more complicated than 1 Player mode where you just use the mouse to control your snake character.

Customize Sushi Party

This snake game allows players to customize their snake with many different colors such as pink, blue, green, white, and yellow. Besides, you can also buy accessories for your snake. Some outstanding accessories are witch hats, bunny ears, devil horns, and a variety of special hats.

In particular, players can create unique snakes by combining many colors together. To add a color, simply press the Plus button below your name. After that, choose a color for each circle. When entering matches, your snake will have all of these colors.

In addition, don't forget the Achievements section to conquer missions and receive gift balls. When you smash these balls, you can receive surprising gifts from Sushi Party. Some notable achievements are popping 5 snakes, returning for 3 days, collecting 4 hats, and dying 80 times. The gifts are also very diverse as you can receive many special hats instead of unlocking them in the Customize section.