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Idle Ants

Play Idle Ants to quickly look for food and build an ant army with 3 updates: Speed, Workers, and Strength to conquer new worlds and explore many new things! This idle game is ideal for entertainment after intense word-guessing mental battles in Blossom Word Game.

Play Idle Ants Online

Welcome to this idle game, an entertaining gaming world! In this new game, you will start with your ants and work as hard-working ants to conquer many achievements in different worlds.

Start With Ants

In the opening of Idle Ants, you have an ant and $50. Your ants are working hard to find food and bring it back to the nest. For each piece of food, you will receive $5. To improve working performance, you have 3 options corresponding to 3 updates.

  • Speed: You can use dollars to increase the speed of the ants. Working faster will help you earn more money. You can increase the speed many times, but the amount to buy this upgrade will increase with each click.
  • Workers: Players can buy additional ants to increase the number of ants in their army. The more ants, the more food you get. As a result, you will earn more money. The cost of this update is similar to Speed because it will increase in price.
  • Strength: This update will increase the amount of food that ants can earn at once. You can improve the quality of your ants. Usually, this update is used in the later stages when players have a lot of money.

With these updates, you can quickly complete different types of food and advance to new worlds.

New Worlds in Idle Ants

In this idle game, the ants will try to move various types of food back to the ant hill. After completing a food, your progress bar will increase by one level. With 10 types of food, you can fill the first progress bar and progress to a new world.

The new worlds in Idle Ants are endless. Each world will have different characteristics and challenges. For example, in the first world, you only see your ant army and food. The surrounding world is covered with a white background. However, if you unlock the next world, you can explore a beautiful forest.

Some Other Features

In Idle Ants, you can increase the speed of the ants manually by clicking. Clicking will help the ants move and collect food faster. In addition, you can also use bonuses to receive large amounts of dollars. These prizes will be delivered to your ant colony. You can choose to use it or not. x2 Profit or Double Speed is also available for you to use.

If you want to understand the game rules better, you can access the Settings section with the Tutorial section to receive instructions. In this Settings section, you can also set the sound and language for the game. Finally, you can keep track of the list of worlds in the minimap. Miniap is located on the left edge of the playing screen.