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Blumgi Castle

Play Blumgi Castle now to throw bombs, balls, round darts, or other weapons to destroy your enemies at different castle positions with 2 modes: 1P and 2P. These 2 modes will bring players many thrilling experiences when throwing weapons with different features.

Blumgi Castle Highlights

In this online game, players can experience many outstanding features of an entertaining game. These features are divided into two parts: gameplay and features.

Gameplay Characteristics

The gameplay of Blumgi Castle is attractive to players with 2 modes: 1P and 2P. Although the number of these modes is less than Onet Connect Classic with 3 themes, choosing your favorite mode will still bring ideal experiences to Blumgi Castle players.

In addition, this game is divided into many different levels and each level is a unique castle challenge. Your mission is to aim, throw, and activate your bombs to destroy all enemies on the map. You will face many challenges to complete this mission because of the complexity of the map and how to bomb. Moreover, your character is also vulnerable if your enemies attack you.

Character And Weapon Selection

The most outstanding feature is the character selection with cute cartoon graphics. Characters like frogs, athletes, snails, witches, and Cacti are always waiting for you to unlock. To unlock Blumgi Castle characters, you need to complete 5 levels to receive treasure. Each treasure chest usually corresponds to a new character.

In addition, don't forget to pay attention to your weapons. As you can know, you can use bombs, balls, round darts, or other weapons to attack enemies. However, these weapons are locked and limited at each level. Therefore, don't forget to unlock them before making the throws!

How To Control Blumgi Castle

When participating in this online game, players need to understand how to aim, throw, and activate their weapons.

  • In order to aim, let's use the right and left arrow keys to move your red target.
  • After that, hold and release the spacebar to throw your weapons with different forces.
  • Finally, Blumgi Castle players can activate weapons by pressing the spacebar again.