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Breaking the Bank

Select one of these items in Breaking the Bank: tunnel, explosion, laser drill, wrecking ball, teleporter, and disguise to start breaking into the bank!

Each item will have different uses for players to perform their tasks.

Duties Of The Players

Breaking the Bank players need to break into the bank and take the rewards.

This mission is the same for all players in this online game and the playing conditions are also similar. To complete the mission, you need to rely on personal strategies. In particular, it is necessary to use available items wisely.

Available Items In Breaking the Bank

There are many items available throughout the gameplay of this arcade game. Most notable are the first 6 items.

First 6 Items

The first 6 items include tunnel, explosion, laser drill wrecking ball, teleporter, and disguise. Each of these items has its own effects on your breaking process.

For example, when you select the tunnel, your character will use a shovel to dig a tunnel downwards. However, this tunnel can have surprisingly good and bad results. Another popular item is explosion which can destroy bank walls with an explosion. However, like the tunnel, it is impossible to predict the outcome of this item's use.

How To Use Breaking the Bank Items

In order to use any items, you only need to click on this item and your character will automatically use it. Your mission is to observe and make the next choices to break into the bank.

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