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Bright Lancer

Play Bright Lancer to transform into a knight with the teleport ability. Drive a flying boat to reach the sky islands and destroy all monsters! This fighting game will allow you to experience the special skills of a lancer!

Special Skills Of A Lancer

In Bright Lancer, players will transform into a lancer and participate in adventures to eliminate evil. Are you ready to experience Lancer's super skills?

Move Flexibly With Teleportation

Your lancer character can move with the arrow keys or WASD in Bright Lancer. In particular, you can somersault with the spacebar.

In addition to this normal moving way, this character can teleport to travel long distances in little time. To master this teleportation skill, players may take several trials.

To activate teleportation, press the Shift key. After pressing the Shift key, a purple portal appears and you can move this portal with your mouse. Place this portal at the target location and move there immediately.

Combat Skills In Bright Lancer

The lancer character can destroy monsters with the power of his spear. To attack, use the mouse and make a slash attack. All monsters within attack range will be destroyed.

Sky Islands In Bright Lancer

The sky islands are being attacked by monsters. Each level will include many islands with different structures. During combat, you can explore the entire map with new areas. A level can only end when you completely destroy all the monsters. Vampire Survivors is also a fighting game, but these two games are different because the battles of Vampire Survivors are endless.