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Capybara Clicker

Play Capybara Clicker to click on a giant capybara and collect millions of small ones. Let's upgrade for click power and enjoy the change in weather and skins!

This simple gameplay may remind you of Idle Ants with its similarly leisurely gameplay.

Idle Gameplay With Capybara Clicker

Are you ready to join this new idle game with a giant golden capybara? A capybara with a smiling face is waiting for you to click and create new products.

After entering this Capybara Clicker game, players just need to click on this Capybara in the middle of the game screen to create small capybaras.

The gameplay is simple and Capybara Clicker will become more interesting with upgrades and changes.

Upgrades And Changes

Two factors contribute to the success of Capybara Clicker in the online gaming world. Let's learn about these two interesting factors together!

All Capybara Upgrades

In the Capybara Clicker game, the number of upgrades is diverse with many different prices.

You can x2 your clicks with 50 capybara. However, if you want to activate the capybara factory, you will need 315,000 capybara. With rising prices, capybara production capacity will also increase. Therefore, it is a fruitful investment for all the players.

Capybara Clicker Changes

  • First, you can change the number of created capybara by clicking repeatedly. When the progress bar is full, Capybara Clicker's efficiency will double.
  • Second, there is a special capybara that will cross the screen at any time. Click on this special character to receive valuable rewards.
  • Next, don't forget the unique costumes waiting for you in Capybara Clicker. The giant capybara will become more unique as new costumes are unlocked.
  • Finally, the weather will change in this idle game. Rain may fall, sunshine may appear, and snow may begin. Play and enjoy these exciting weather changes anytime!