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Colorfle is an online word-guessing game with color codes. Your mission is to find the target color code after 6 attempts daily through color hints.

Color Code Game

Welcome to the Colorfle game on our website! This new game is similar to the Foodle game but your object is the color codes. If you are a programmer, these color codes are no longer strange to you. For those outside the industry, this is a new area to learn about coding.

Color code is considered a sequence of encoded characters to represent colors in a programming language. Coming to this Colorfle game, you will find the correct color codes through the game's rules.

How To Play Colorfle

6 Chances To Find Color Code

This Colorfle game allows players to try 6 times to find the target word. These 6 attempts are shown through the squares on the screen above. You can use the virtual keyboard to type words and press Enter to check. After that, the Colorfle game will return results with 3 colors: gray, yellow and green. You will rely on these hints to find the correct color code.

Colors In Colorfle

There are 3 main colors in this puzzle game: gray, yellow, and green. Similar to the game of the same genre Hurdle, gray represents the wrong letter, green represents the correct letter and yellow represents the wrong position.