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Connections Game

Connections Game starts a new word-arranging puzzle where you need to arrange 16 words into 4 groups. Each group includes 4 words with related content.

4 Four Groups Of 4 Words

Welcome to Connections Game, a new puzzle game on our website! Coming to this online game, players have one main task: create 4 groups of 4 words.

4 Words In Connections Game

The 4 chosen words for a group must have related meanings to each other. Players cannot randomly choose to arrange words in the Connections Game. Instead, you need to observe all the words, understand their meaning, and use your logical thinking ability to arrange them. In a group, you can easily find the first 2 words, but the next 2 words are more challenging to find.

4 Word Groups

The Connections Game provides 16 words for each match, so you must create 4 groups to finish the game. These four groups all have the same requirements: including 4 words with related meanings.

To create a group, you just need to choose 4 words and submit them. If these 4 words are correct, you will submit successfully and vice versa.

Connections Unlimited Game

This version is the unlimited version of Connections Game where you can play endless matches. It is similar to the Wordle Unlimited version where you can also play Wordle endlessly.