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Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a platform-jumping game where you control your character to jump high over each platform. Remember to use superpowers and avoid falling! Players can participate in matches with unlimited times!

Matches in Doodle Jump

Matches will go on indefinitely until the player falls off the platforms. So, what will be in the matches?

Your Doodle and Platforms

In Doodle Jump, the main character is Doodle, a yellow alien with 4 legs and a long nose. This character has a rocket, so he can continuously jump across platforms.

These platforms will take you to the top, so move as far as you can. There are two types of platforms. You can distinguish them through color.

  • Green platforms are extremely safe. You can jump on the green platforms countless times.
  • Brown foundations are more risky. These platforms will crash once you touch them.

These two subjects are the most important subjects for matches to run smoothly.

Gameplay for Doodle Jump Matches

The Doodle character will continuously jump up and your task is to control Doodle's movement direction so that he lands on the platforms safely. As you can know, the game will end if your character falls off the platforms. Therefore, prioritize choosing green platforms. In forced cases, you can also land on brown platforms. However, please leave immediately.

Doodle Jump's gameplay is endless, so players can create very high achievements. Jump as far as you can to get more points. In particular, your score can be among the top players locally and globally. All possibilities can happen in this online game.

Another endless running game is Dinosaur Game where players also can run on infinity roads. However, your character is a T-rex and the obstacles are cacti.

Jumping SuperPowers

In Doodle Jump, you can use superpowers, springs. These springs will appear on a number of platforms. When you land on these platforms, your character can jump very high and overcome many obstacles at once. This ability helps you get through difficult areas more easily. Moreover, you will also get more points when using these superpowers.