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Drive Mad

Drive Mad tests your limitless driving ability through complex terrain and special truck operations. Move forward and conquer hundreds of destinations!

Your Truck In Drive Mad

In this new driving game, you will not drive a car like Crazy Cars. Instead, you will use the truck as your main means of transportation. This vehicle will be more suitable for the complex terrain of Drive Mad.

This truck has four large wheels with grooves. These wheels will help your truck grip better on slopes. In addition, with the large size of the wheels, you can also overcome obstacles more easily.

However, the only drawback of the truck is that it is difficult to navigate, so Drive Mad players often encounter many difficulties in this mission.

Missions Of Truckers

In Drive Mad, players have two main tasks: navigate and reach their destination.

Navigate Your Truck

It is easy to navigate your truck in Drive Mad. You can even look at the main screen of level 1 to see the control instruction.

Every player can use one of the following control sets to control their truck: left and right arrows, ZX, or AD.

Drive Mad Destination

The destination of this driving game will change with each stage and the route is not fixed. Players must go through many challenges before reaching the destination of Drive Mad. For example, steep slopes, deep holes, or broken bridges are always familiar obstacles in levels.