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Flag Quiz

Flag Quiz is a puzzle game about 195 flags of 195 countries around the world. Within the time limit, you must choose 1 of 4 flags to find the correct answer. With your memory ability, are you confident with this flag game?

Flag Quiz Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is simple as it only revolves around two issues: choosing the answer and paying attention to timing.

Flag Quiz Answer Choice

Unlike Blossom Word Game, this puzzle game is like a multiple choice question with 4 answers A, B, C, and D. 4 flags will appear and correspond to each answer. Your task is to look at all 4 answers and the name of the target country. After that, you can choose the desired answer for the Flag Quiz question. You only have one chance to choose a flag. Whether you choose right or wrong, the game will move on to the next question. The difference is your score after each answer.

Normally, a Flag Quiz test will have 15 questions.

Time Per Flag Answer

You have 490 ticks to answer a Flag Quiz question. After the time ends, the answer will be recorded whether you choose the answer or not.

Points For Correct Flags

With 15 questions in each test, you can get a maximum of 6,000 points. However, the score also depends on the time you spend answering a question. The shorter the time to answer the Flag Quiz, the more points you will receive.