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Fruit Ninja

Slash, slash, and slash in Fruit Ninja to conquer as many fruits as possible. The classic fruit-slashing mode always brings interesting experiences to players.

Ninfa Ability With Endless Fruits

Welcome to this Fruit Ninja game to become a ninja with great slashing abilities!

Each match will put your slashing ability to the test with many different challenges. Players will be challenged through the amount of fruit, bombs, and movement. However, Fruit Ninja players can also show off their slashing ability through points. You can use the mouse, click, and slide to slash any item. Slashed items will immediately be split into two. If these items are fruits, you will receive the corresponding points. It's like how you eat sushi in Sushi Party. The amount of sushi will correspond to your additional length.

Some Notes In Fruit Ninja

This fruit-slashing game is an endless game with classic mode. Players can slash to get the highest score possible. However, you also need to pay attention to two factors: missing fruits and bombs.

Missing Fruits Mode

This Fruit Ninja game rules: the players can only miss 3 fruits. If you exceed this number, the fruit-slashing game will end. However, you can recover the number of chances by consecutive successful slashes. Your missing fruits will be removed.

Bombs - The Inevitable End

The Fruit Ninja game will end with bombs. You cannot avoid the end after slashing a bomb, so bombs are the main objects to avoid. Missing fruits also gives you 3 chances but bombs do not.