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Getting Over It

Getting Over It is famous for its unique moves with a hammer. This scratch version will give you a special moving experience in the pot with a cute cat.

Scratch Getting Over It Version

This new version is released by Griffpatch who also creates Geometry Dash. Instead of being a man like the other versions, this scratch version has changed the main character.

In this version, players will transform into a yellow cat with a hammer in hand. This cat can perform all the skills like regular characters.

In addition, this new version of Getting Over It also brings a new playing space with an endless number of platforms. Platforms, objects, food, fruits, and more all become your obstacles. Conquer them to help the cat fly back to space.

How To Play With Your Cat

This Getting Over It game retains the same gameplay as the other versions although it has changed the main character.

Maintained Gameplay in Scratch Version

In this Getting Over It game, your cat will still use the hammer to cling to obstacles and use force to move. It is possible to move forward and backward with pushes and pulls.

During the move, your cat may fall. However, your cat will not be injured by these accidents.

The End Of Getting Over It

This online game also has an endpoint, a climax of obstacles. When you reach the destination of Getting Over It, your character will make a magical jump into space and fly into the vast universe.