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Gravity Snake

Play Gravity Snake to enjoy a puzzle game with controlling a snake through underground mazes. The increased length of your day can bring ultimate challenges.

The Snake World On Our Website

Welcome to the Gravity Snake game where you can immerse yourself in the new snake world! The world of snakes is not strange to online players. You can come across many famous snake games such as Apple Worm, Slither io, Snake Blast, or Wormate io. However, the highlights in this game list are Sushi Party and Google Snake Game.

These two online games both belong to the snake genre but their gameplay is completely different. They differ in their typical multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay.

In short, the snake world is extremely diverse and if you are looking for a puzzle game, come to Gravity Snake.

Gravity Snake Quiz

The snake game is divided into many different levels instead of an endless match.

Levels Of Gravity Snake

These levels are differentiated based on the map and apples. Each level will have a separate map for your snake to explore. In particular, this map is underground with narrow paths, so your snake will face difficulties while moving. Besides, your snake's length can increase with apples, so movement will become even more challenging.

How To Complete A Level

Your snake in Gravity Snake wins a level if it can collect all the apples on the map. Be careful that your snake doesn't get stuck or collide with the walls.