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Guess The Word

Guess The Word is an unlimited word-guessing puzzle game based on 5 attempts. Players can choose 4-letter, 5-letter, or 6-letter words to play.

How To Play Guess The Word

This new word-guessing game has similar gameplay to Wordle, but they also have many unique differences.

Similar Gameplay to Wordle

This game has similar gameplay to Wordle as you will also guess the word through tries. After that, the game will return you 3 answers: gray, yellow, or green. Based on these colors, you can know the right and wrong notes to predict the target word.

However, this Guess The Word game is also very different as it only allows you to use 5 tries with 3 different modes.

3 Guess The Word Modes

Players can choose 1 of 3 modes: 4 Letter, 5 Letter, and 6 Letter. The difference between these modes is the number of letters in each word. You can type each word and press Enter to check. This word needs to meet the standards: be meaningful and have the required number of letters. If you meet these two requirements of the Guess The Word game, your word will be accepted.

When playing this new puzzle game, players can choose any mode on the main screen.

Score Based on Number of Attempts

Your score in Guess The Word will be based on the number of times you try. The fewer times you use it, the higher your score will be. In addition, if you use hints from the game, your score will decrease.

Note that this Guess The Word game allows you to use 5 tries. After 5 tries and you cannot find the correct answer, the game will switch to a new word for you to continue guessing.