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Hungry Shark Arena

Enjoy underwater battles in Hungry Shark Arena to become the only shark in the vast ocean. Your waters are being invaded by toxins, so hurry up!

Click To Play Hungry Shark Arena

Welcome to a new fighting game where you become a shark to fight other players!

Multiplayer gameplay also appears in the Sushi Party game but this is the first time you fight in the ocean. With just one click of yours, you can start your underwater battle immediately.

Your battles will take place in the underwater arena where there are many creatures to eat and increase your strength. However, the green poison will make the underwater environment increasingly tighter and it will only allow a single shark to survive. Could this one shark be you?

Control Your Shark Online

Are you curious about the controls and goals of your shark in Hungry Shark Arena? Let's move right to the next two sections to get to know your sharks better.

How To Control Hungry Shark Arena

Use your mouse to slide along the curves. Your shark will swim underwater according to your direction. In particular, it can perform a forward attack with your click.

The Objective of This Control

When you are a baby shark, your goal is to collect food and become bigger in this ocean world.

After that, players will move on to the second goal: compete with other players to become the ultimate shark. To achieve this Hungry Shark Arena goal, you need to destroy all other sharks of smaller size.