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Idle Mining Empire

Idle Mining Empire is a mining-management game where you start with a miner to mine minerals. After that, upgrade the chain with more automated miners. In this online game, players have an opportunity to experience the mining life!

Mining in Idle Mining Empire

Your main task is to exploit minerals and sell them for profit. The mining process has three stages until you get the dollar.

  • The first stage is mining. Miners will represent you to mine minerals in underground mining shafts. The number of miners and mining shafts is unlimited.
  • The second stage is mineral transportation. After the miner puts the minerals into the cart, you need to use the elevator to bring these minerals to the surface.
  • The third stage is the mineral store. After bringing minerals to the surface, transport them to the warehouse for storage. After successful storing, you will receive $20.

Employees in these 3 stages all need you to click to operate. This is your main task. However, there are many other interesting management tasks.

Management Duties

In Idle Mining Empire, players take on the role of managing mining shafts and employees. To perform this task, players will have two main ways: upgrade and automation.

Upgrade Idle Mining Empire

Upgrading is extremely important to increase working efficiency. For example, the upgrade has increased monkey abilities in Monkey Market to achieve many admirable achievements. In this mining game, you can upgrade many elements in this mining game.

First, you can upgrade your miner's level. This upgrade will help miners mine more minerals than their previous productivity. In particular, you can upgrade countless times. However, after each upgrade, the required amount will increase.

In addition, you can also increase the number of miners and mining shafts to increase mining output. Increasing both quality and quantity will bring you high productivity. Finally, don't forget to upgrade your shipping and storage processes to make these two processes happen faster.

Automation For Mining

Players must click on the characters to make them perform their tasks. In particular, miners can fall asleep and you need to observe and manage them carefully. The solution to these situations is to automate the mining process.

To automate, unlock managers for each stage. These characters will automatically remind employees to work.