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Jewels Match

Jewels Match is an online matching game with 5 elements. Let's match all the same elements together by a line and release your mouse to get score and time! Are you ready to match jewels in endless matches?

Endless Jewels Match

The puzzle game is designed with endless gameplay where players can combine as many jewels as possible. However, this gameplay can also end if the players do not know how to prolong the game. Let's learn together how to play and how to create endless matches.

How To Play Jewels Match

Your task is to match the jewels together to remove them and get points.

To match jewels, you just need to use your mouse and move over the jewels. The requirement of these jewels is to be close to each other. You can only match them if they are placed next to each other horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. In addition, during the joining process, it is impossible to match a jewel twice.

After a successful connection, release your mouse and all matched jewels will be removed. After removal, players will receive points corresponding to the number of jewels. The more jewels you have, the more points you get.

How To Create Endless Matches

Jewels Match matches will be time-limited for players. After the time ends, you cannot continue connecting jewels. However, during the game, you can increase the time to avoid the end by matching continuously. After each successful match, the time will increase which allows players to create endless matches.

This gameplay is completely different from Onet Connect Classic. Although the two games are both about matching puzzles, the difference is completely clear. Onet Connect Classic time is always limited and cannot be changed.

5 Jewel Elements

In Jewels Match, there are 5 elements representing 5 types of jewels.

  • The first element is water with a blue color. This element always has a characteristic teardrop shape in the center.
  • The second element is fire with a red color. A burning flame is the representative symbol of this element.
  • The third element is plants with a green color. Players can see a leaf pattern in the center of the jewel.
  • The fourth element is love with a pink color. A large heart shape is located in the middle of the jewel.
  • The final element is society with an orange color. This element has a unique icon that resembles a carry.

With different colors and icons, Jewels Match players can easily distinguish the jewels.