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Joyrider is an online driving game to drive a motorbike through dangerous terrain. These thrilling rides get more and more interesting with each level.

Online Joyrider Game

Welcome to Joyrider, a new online game on our website! This online game will bring you thrilling experiences with adventurous driving trips.

Riders can control their motorbikes to conquer thousands of different terrains. This off-road driving style is also the highlight of Blumgi Rocket, but each game has its own strengths. Especially, Joyrider's terrain will continuously change with each level. Through that, you can see the diversity and appeal of the game thanks to the driving gameplay. The game is diverse from levels, and terrain, to basic features.

Basic Driving Characteristics

In Joyrider, you can see the basic features through gameplay and controls.

Gameplay Of Joyrider

Players only need to control their motorbike to the ending point to complete a level. During this move, you need to ensure one factor: the safety of your character. Your character is not allowed to have any collisions. Otherwise, you will return to Joyrider's nearest checkpoint to start again. If this problem occurs, you will lose a lot of time and will not achieve admirable achievements of time. In particular, precious stars also become challenging to collect.

How To Control Your Rider

To control your rider character, you mainly use the up and down arrow keys. Move forward to reach the target and brake to avoid dangers.