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Mahjong Classic

Play Mahjong Classic to test your observing abilities in classic board matches. With typical matching gameplay, mahjong will bring you entertaining moments.

Classical Values of Mahjong

This Mahjong Classic game gives you a classic atmosphere with its unique pieces and layout.

Mahjong Classic Tiles

Pieces are also called tiles in mahjong versions. These tiles are featured with special symbols.

These symbols are hieroglyphs that appeared long ago in Asian countries. They all have special meanings to refer to a certain thing or phenomenon. However, the characteristic of hieroglyphs is difficult to understand and remember. Therefore, it makes the mahjong game more challenging for the players. If you want to play mahjong with easier levels, you can join Mahjong FRVR with the modern style.

The pieces will be divided into many types such as Circles, Bamboo, Characters, Season, Flowers, Winds, Dragons, Jokers, and Extra.

Classic Layout

In addition to classic tiles, you can also see the classic through the game's layout. The dark background highlights the white tiles and special symbols.

The hints of this Mahjong Classic game are also neatly placed on the side of the playing screen. Every arrangement is reminiscent of a classic space like ancient board games.

How To Play Mahjong Classic

To play this classic mahjong version, players need to choose how to arrange the chess pieces first. After that, observe the full screen of Mahjong Classic to choose two identical pieces to match.