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Master Sudoku

Play Master Sudoku to enjoy the online sudoku matches with 7 different levels. How many levels can you conquer in this online sudoku version?

The number of levels will challenge your strategic abilities exponentially.

Sudoku 7 Levels

Have you ever played Sudoku online? Like Google Minesweeper, this game is a classic game. When you enter this online version, this Master Sudoku game will take you to a magical online world with amazing sudoku games.

This Sudoku game will be divided into 7 levels: easy, medium, hard, very hard, insane, and inhuman. These seven levels vary in the difficulty of the numbers in Master Sudoku. The arrangement of numbers from 1 to 9 will become increasingly difficult and challenge your abilities.

Master Sudoku Matches

These online sudoku-related games share the same gameplay and basic characteristics.

Sudoku Master's Gameplay

Like the original sudoku version, online players need to fill in the numbers 1 to 9 in the blank boxes. To fill in the appropriate numbers, players need to base on the available numbers to meet the sudoku rules.

Rules of Sudoku

When playing Master Sudoku, you need to make sure the numbers from 1 to 9 only appear once in the same row, 1 column, and 1 3x3 board. If you fill it wrongly, you can reset it to refill. In addition, players of Master Sudoku also use Hints from the game to complete challenges more easily.