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Minesweeper is the most classic online game with simple mining gameplay in the gaming world. You will search for numbers and avoid bombs on a playing screen.

How to Play Minesweeper Online

The gameplay of the online game is extremely simple with two main tasks: finding numbers and avoiding bombs.

Find The Numbers Online

On the Minesweeper playing screen, you can see a 9x9 grid. It is your playground for finding numbers. The squares are all hidden and they will open when you click on them.

Your goal is to find the hidden numbers to score points. After finding all the numbers, you will win this mining game. However, the difficulty of the game will prevent you from winning with 3 modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Avoid Bombs In Minesweeper

Interspersed with the numbers, bombs are also hidden on the playing board. You need to avoid the bombs because the game will end with the discovery of a bomb.

However, it is challenging to do this mission because the bombs are always hidden in many different locations. To avoid them, players rely not only on luck but also on effective strategies.

A Similar Minesweeper Game

There are many different versions of Minesweeper and another prominent game is Google Minesweeper. Coming to this Google version, players still play in the same way but the graphics and design are completely different.