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Nerdle asks players to guess the target math without any hints. You can just check your calculations 6 times and get results through colors.

Nerdle Introduction

Welcome to Nerdle, a puzzle game with hidden math! In this online game, you see Quordle gameplay, but the subject has changed. Instead of words, you will explore math operations, a new field. This field of mathematics will bring you a special online game for entertainment and education.

To participate in this Nerdle game, you just need to visit our website and select the game in the New Game section or search for Nerdle via the search bar. Every player can access it for free and test their math-guessing ability.

Math-Guessing Gameplay

In Nerdle, the gameplay will revolve around some of the following main elements.

Some Key Elements In Nerdle

First, players will see a 6x8 grid on the main screen. This grid is where you will enter math operations to check. Through this grid, you can know that your math has 8 symbols and you have 6 times to check.

In addition, players will also see a virtual keyboard with numbers and symbols. You can use the mouse and click on the virtual keyboard in Nerdle to enter maths.

How To Guess Math

Please enter the calculations and press Enter to check. With 3 basic colors, you can get hints about Nerdle's goals.

  • Green symbolizes the correct symbol.
  • Gray symbolizes the wrong symbol.
  • Yellow represents the correct symbol but it's in wrong position.