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Om Nom Run

Play Om Nom Run to control your Om Nom in an endless road full of obstacles and bonuses. Let's avoid dangers and collect rewards to get admirable achievements! This race will challenge players at high speed. Are you ready?

Run with Om Nom Run

Like Dinosaur Game, this online game is an endless running game with an adorable character. In this game, your character is Om Nom and he will continuously run forward. You need to navigate this character. While running, you need to pay attention to a few important features of the game.

Overcome Obstacles and Dangers

In Om Nom Run, players will face many obstacles and dangers. Obstacles vary in size and shape. For example, you may encounter barriers, rocks, warning signs, or broken trains. The location of the obstacles is varied. Therefore, you need to focus on observing to recognize the appearance of obstacles.

In addition, turning is a challenge for the players. Your character Om Nom not only runs in straight paths but also needs to turn to avoid crashing into walls. Your reflexes are once again tested.

Collect Om Nom Run Bonuses

During the run, your character can collect bonuses. The most prominent item is coins which help you unlock new lovely characters. Coins are placed a lot on the paths and you can collect them easily.

In addition, there are also support items that help your Om Nom character run faster and safer. Don't miss these useful items!

Other Features Of Om Nom Run

When participating in this endless game, players can enjoy speedy races with impressive graphics and effects. In addition, the game also offers many sections for players. You can unlock special costumes, collect daily rewards, or perform missions to win special prizes.

In particular, don't forget to spin the lucky wheel and participate in races to win high rankings on the leaderboard.