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Perfect Slice

Play Perfect Slice to relax while slicing hundreds of fruits into beautiful pieces. Slicing also need skills to meet the requirements of this online game!

Perfect Slice Requirements

This new online game requires players to slice fruits along the way. The goal is to get enough points and reach the destination. Your destination is the comfortable mattress that all Perfect Slice players aim for.

These requirements are maintained in all levels of the game.

Your Knife In Perfect Slice

The gameplay of this slicing game is very simple with your knife

Control Your Knife With Mouse Click

Your mouse plays a very important role in Perfect Slice because it will directly control your knife. Each time you click, you will perform a slice shot. By clicking continuously, you can cut all the fruits quickly.

Based on this control, there is a great trick to create continuous perfect cuts in Perfect Slice. This perfection is also what Perfect Peel strives for. You just need to press and hold the mouse to let the knife perform its task continuously. Practice and observe the knife's effects with this new strategy.

Dangers To Your Knife In Perfect Slice

There are two main dangers: metal cutting boards and chainsaws. If your knife collides with a metal cutting board, your knife will be forced to stop working for a short time. In terms of chainsaws, your knife will break with one impact. In this case, you must restart that level.

Collision with a chainsaw is more dangerous than collision with a metal cutting board because you can continue that level after each collision with a metal cutting board.