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Plants Vs Zombies

Play Plants Vs Zombies to combat all the zombies with plant power. These plants can generate energy, shoot bullets, or cause huge explosions!

Defensive and Offensive Battles

A new attack-defense battle appears in Plants Vs Zombies! This gameplay also appeared in Vampire Survivors where you fight endless vampires.

In Plants Vs Zombies, you also fight endless opponents but your opponents are zombies and they will appear in waves.

In these online battles, you need to protect your home from zombies by destroying them. The method of destruction is extremely special because you will be using plants.

Online Plants Vs Zombies

This online version will still apply all the features of the original Plants Vs Zombies game. However, you will have new modes to experience the feeling of shooting down zombies.

3 Plants Vs Zombies Modes

3 modes include Adventure, Pavilion, and Minigame.

  • Adventure mode is the classic mode where you defend your home through levels and waves of zombies.
  • Pavilion mode gives you special levels with different themes such as New To China, Assassination, Night Falls, WAter Sports, or Devils Palace. Each level will include backgrounds and zombies in different styles.
  • Minigame mode is the final mode of Plants Vs Zombies where you experience mini challenges with special gameplay. In these levels, you will be provided with fixed plants to fight zombies.

How To Play Online

In all three modes of Online Plants Vs Zombies, you can control with your mouse to place the plants at the target location.