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Pop it 3D

Play Pop it 3D for fun with awesome bubble-squeezing gameplay. You just need to tap the colorful bubbles and enjoy the amazing effects and sounds! This entertaining gameplay will satisfy all players on our Blossom Word Game website.

Bubble-Squeezing Gameplay

In Pop it 3D, players can experience engaging and simple gameplay with colorful bubbles.

Squeeze Bubbles Simply

The bubbles are combined together to form special shapes such as hearts, stars, or circles. You just need to tap or click to let these bubbles sink. After completing one bubble, you can move on to new bubbles. It is extremely simple for all the players of Pop it 3D.
Although it is simple, this online game is still extremely attractive with colorful bubbles.

Attractiveness Of Pop it 3D

Colorful bubbles create an attractive gaming world for everyone to play for fun. In addition, this popping game allows you to change the color of the bubbles.

Another attractive feature is unlocking new bubbles. There are many shapes with many different prices. You can unlock special shapes like Among Us, Frog, Pineapple, Butterfly, Dinosaur, Apple, Crab, Lobster, etc with 20, 30, or 40 coins . The most special shape is a big square with 100 coins.

Notes For Pop it 3D

When playing this online game, you can play over and over again to enjoy the bubbles. A few precious bubbles include coins. You can collect coins by this way in addition to the prizes after each level.