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Route Digger

Route Digger tests your digging skills to create underground tunnels for your ball. Your digging target is to roll your ball into the pipe at each level.

This online game has simple strategic gameplay, but high levels will challenge many players to conquer.

The Multilevel Digging Gameplay

This Route Digger game includes many different levels with unique gameplay. Let's enter the new game on this Blossom Word Game website to learn about this gameplay!

Play Route Digger With Multilevel

You can monitor the total number of levels on the main screen. Levels will be locked until you complete the previous level. Once completed, the next single level is unlocked and the process will continue until you have conquered all the levels.

Digging Gameplay For The Ball

Your main goal is to get the ball to the pipe in Route Digger. To achieve this goal, you can dig from the ground to any underground location. The ball will roll along this tunnel to go down to the target location.

With this gameplay, players should pay attention to the digging direction. After the ball rolls to the bottom, it is impossible to move up. If you want to go back, you need to restart that Route Digger level.

How To Dig In Route Digger

Use your mouse to draw paths underground and conquer all the levels with an effective strategy.