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Slope Racing 3D

Play Slope Racing 3D, a fast-paced running game, to challenge your ball-controlling ability. With fast speed, how many platforms can you conquer? It's as challenging as Geometry Dash SubZero.

How To Play Slope Racing 3D

The gameplay of this online game focuses on the ability to control the ball across platforms.

How To Control Your 3D Ball

To control your ball, you can use the left and right arrow keys. When using these two keys, you can control the direction of the ball in Slope Racing 3D.

This simple control allows all Slope players to play. The challenge of this game lies in the platforms.

Challenges From Slope Racing 3D

Every player needs to conquer this challenge from platforms to win high achievements. Why do these platforms give players so much difficulty?

The platforms in Slope Racing 3D come in many different sizes and shapes. In addition, there are many obstacles on the platforms, so your ball can be easily broken. With these two conditions, players need to control as carefully as possible to achieve high scores.

Shop For Your Ball

When you enter the Shop section of Slope Racing 3D, you can unlock new skins for your ball. In addition, you can purchase power-ups such as Shield, Magnet, and X2 Power. Power-ups can be used in Slope Racing 3D matches to improve performance.