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Stickman Climb

Play Stickman Climb to climb through dozens of different levels with the stickman character sitting in a pot. There are difficult moves with the hammer!

Stickman, Hammers, And Pots

In Stickman Climb, your main character is a stickman with two basic characteristics. First, this stickman sits in a pot, so he cannot move normally with his legs. Second, stickman owns a hammer which is your means of transportation. This hammer can help players cling to blocks to move forward.

In addition to functions, these items are also very diverse in design. The developers of Stickman Climb have designed a lot of interesting skins for hammer and pot. Players can unlock them through completing levels such as level 10, level 15, level 20 and level 25.

Conquering new levels will bring you interesting prizes in Stickman Climb. Therefore, let's advance to the levels of this online climbing game together.

Levels Of Stickman Climb

Like Stack Colors, this online game is also divided into different levels.

How to Divide Levels

This Stickman Climb game divides levels based on difficulty. This difficulty will be based on the terrain of each level. The more complex the terrain, the more difficulties your stickman will encounter. In particular, some terrains have dangerous obstacles that can break your pot.

How To Conquer Stickman Climb Levels

Players only need to use the arrow keys to move toward the target flag to complete a level. This Stickman Climb game has a total of 30 levels, so you can own 30 flags as a spiritual prize.