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Tiny Fishing

Play Tiny Fishing to fish online in an endlessly deep ocean! You can use max fishes and max depth to reach the deeper water and catch more valuable fish. With this online fishing game, players can spend a lot of time playing because of its attractive gameplay.

This ocean world is as thrilling as the Idle Ants online where you also can collect as many items as possible as hard-working ants.

The Goal Of Tiny Fishing

Your goal is to catch as many valuable fish as possible and get earnings. In order to achieve this target, players can perform 2 missions below.

Catch And Sell Fish

All Tiny Fishing players can catch fish and sell them for income.

First, how to catch fish? You own a fishing rod with a hook and fishing line. To start fishing, press the Play button and your fishing rod will automatically drop. During this process, your task is to move the hook to reach the fish. When the hook reaches any fish, you will successfully catch them. However, the number of caught fish is limited per fishing session.

Second, how to sell fish? Caught fish will immediately be sold automatically after leaving the water. The amount of income will vary based on the number of fish and the type of fish. Another way to earn income in the Tiny Fishing game is Aquarium. When you catch a new fish, it will be added to the aquarium. You can visit your aquarium and click on this fish to receive additional rewards.

Offline Tiny Fishing Earnings

In addition to earning from selling fish, players can earn income offline. While you are offline, this Tiny Fishing game will automatically reward you with different amounts of income. This difference is based on your upgrade times. Normally, players can get $5 for 1 minute. For $125, you can upgrade and get $10 for 1 minute. The number of Offline Earnings upgrades is endless. It is the same for other hook and rope upgrades.

All Upgrades In Online Fishing

If you want to increase your income and explore deeper waters, upgrading will be extremely important to contribute to accomplishing this goal. This Tiny Fishing game offers two main upgrades: Max Fishes and Max Depth.

  • Max Fishes allows you to increase the number of caught fish in one go.
  • Max Depth allows you to increase your line length and reach deeper waters.

These two upgrades make it possible to upgrade with an infinite number of times. With the right strategies, players can achieve remarkable fishing achievements with these two upgrades.